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W&M Shorts 2018

A showcase of short films featuring the work of current students and alumni of William & Mary will be presented on Saturday, February 17.

Screenings will take place on the second floor of the Kimball Theatre in the venue’s Screening Room, with first-come, first-served seating. The full 135 minute program is free and un-ticketed and will run twice, once starting at 11:00 AM and for a repeat showing at 2:00 PM.

Audience members are welcome to drop in or drop out for viewings of specific films featured in the showcase, with the understanding seating may be limited or unavailable after the program starts. Individual show times are listed below.

Michael Burrows ’16, Digital Imaging Technician
Jason Wilson, a celebrated young African American actor, enrolls at a prestigious theater school in Japan to play the lead role in Shakespeare’s Othello, only to find his dreams of greatness are tempered by an instructor who challenges him to question his reason for being there. Othello-san challenges the audience to consider the fundamental concept of perspective. It demands an examination of race, gender, religion, nationality and culture. It uncovers deep seated differences that will either bridge gaps or reinforce century old barriers and misconceptions of two highly celebrated social groups. Each character brings a heavy dose of self-perspective to the story that causes a tremendous disconnect. In the end, it may end up asking more questions than providing answers, but the ultimate goal is to start a dialogue, and from that discover a collective truth. 20 minutes.

Othello-san will play at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Michael Burrows ’16
Michael Burrows is a freelance film and video editor, media manager, and production assistant in the Washington, DC area. He was the Digital Imaging Technician on Othello-San. He learned how to edit as a Creative Intern at the W&M Global Film Festival in 2013. Eventually he worked his way up to Creative Director of the 2016 GFF. He is currently a live streaming operator for Verizon on behalf of ESPN. His other professional credits include short films, multiple documentaries currently in development, other film festivals, and a pilot for an ABC Family reality TV show.

Thanks for Listening
Anna Campion ’19, Director/Editor
A look into the making of a friendship and a podcast. 6 minutes.

Thanks for Listening will play at 11:20 AM and 2:20 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Anna Campion ’19
Anna Campion is a Junior at William & Mary majoring in Film & Media Studies. She hopes to pursue production and screenwriting post-grad, but for now makes a podcast and the occasional short film for class and 24 Speed.

Shiraz: Nightingales & Roses
Zhuorui Fu ’17, Director/Editor
A short video about Shiraz, the city of nightingales & roses in Iran. The birthplace of the greatest Persian love poet Hafez, Shiraz is renowned for its romantic and dreamy scenery. During Christmas in 2017, Zhu went to this southern Iranian city and spent one night in the tent with the Iranian nomads – Qashqai tribe. Beyond exploring the metropole, Zhu also portrays the life of this Iranian sub-group to shed light on alternative ways of living. 6 minutes.

Shiraz: Nightingales & Roses will play at 11:26 AM and 2:26 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Zhuorui Fu ’17
Zhu, an East-born West-moulded YouTube filmmaker, influencer, writer, and financial product investor. She graduated from W&M and St Andrews (joint degree) in 2017. She is currently in the entertainment industry turning creative sparkles into arts. Her works are authentic, naturally beautiful, and deeply rooted in the exploration of issues in inequality, sub-groups, under-discovered cultures, and some fashion.

My Last Kill
Ted Hogeman ’09, Editor/Sound Recordist
A dark tale of axe murder and recovery. 4 minutes.

My Last Kill will play at 11:31 AM and 2:31 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Ted Hogeman ’09
Ted Hogeman ’09 and Chris Mariles ’12 are both alumni of the College of William and Mary and the Charles Reeder Media Center (formerly the Swem Media Center). They have been collaborating with various others in the Washington DC area since 2013 under the group name Laughing with the Storm in an effort to tell cool stories that hopefully make people see the world a little differently.

Hugged By Time
Zach Keifer ’07, Writer/Director/Editor
A married couple stuck in a rut discover something odd in the attic. 5 minutes.

Hugged By Time will play at 11:35 AM and 2:35 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

The King of Roosts
Zach Keifer ’07, Director/Writer/Editor/Producer
A traveling poet happens upon a beautiful farm girl, but wooing her becomes a challenge thanks to a pesky golden rooster. The film is a modern take on the silent film genre. 5 minutes.

The King of Roosts will play at 11:39 AM and 2:39 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

Zach Keifer ’07, Director/Editor
A man suffers from a physical impairment that prevents him from smiling. When faced with joyous news from his wife, he is forced to overcome his ailment or else succumb to it. 6 minutes.

Smile-O-Matic will play at 11:45 AM and 2:45 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Zach Keifer ’07
Zach Keifer graduated from William and Mary in 2007 with a double major in Film and Russian Studies. He settled in Charlottesville, Va, where he co-owns the production company Folk Hero Films specializing in documentary. The company has released two feature films now available on Amazon Prime: The Harvest: A Story About Giving and If We Shout Loud Enough. He also makes short films with his wife Teresa that have the occasional cameo by his baby boy Clem.

Pictures and Places
John O’Neill ’18, Director
Pictures and Places
explores the ways photos and spaces can trigger memories. It follows the filmmaker’s parents as they delve into their old photos, explore the house where they raised two children, and unlock memories they had forgotten about entirely. 6 minutes.

Pictures and Places will play at 11:50 AM and 2:50 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About John O’Neill ’18
John O’Neill is a Senior at the College studying Film & Media. He is interested in comedy & video production and hopes that he will get to explore as much of the film & media production world as possible.

Lauretta Prevost ’05, Cinematographer
has played in over 30 festivals and received numerous awards. Gender politics ~ no bed of roses. A woman wakes up in a hotel room with a younger man at her side. She insists he leave, he resists, and the struggle begins. Is it the power of love, or the love of power that bring them together, repeating the same, bizarre ritual, over and over again? The answer can only be found in Room 116. 116 is a power struggle disguised as a romance. It was written in 2015 in response to the lack of agency women have in the film industry, the dearth of complex roles available to women over 40, and the complicated power dynamics of relationships. Appearances can be deceiving. It is also a comedy. Love is complicated at any age. With 116 the intent is to show an intimate aspect of a complex woman, without restrictions. I take the audience inside her relationship in the hope they will see something of themselves, examine their own feelings of recognition or discomfort, and confront the biases they may have towards women, sex, power, and gender dynamics. This film is also about the personas we assume while navigating gender politics. Employing the use of role play and using Shakespeare’s sonnet 116 about ideal love, I ask the questions – can love exist without equality? Have relationships changed in 400 years? Is love really love, or is it power over someone? How far will one go to keep that power? 15 minutes.

116 will play at 11:56 AM and 2:56 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

Lady Hunters
Lauretta Prevost ’05, Cinematographer
Once upon a time, three mothers killed a wolf. A short dark comedy following three women who discover a group of men in their community who horrifically violated a young girl are still at large, taking daily trips down to the bar and feed store – and these three moms/newbie vigilantes look to awkwardly take justice into their own hands.This is cinematographer Lauretta Prevost’s fourth collaboration with actress-turned-director Angela Atwood.  The fund raising campaign was featured and supported by New York Women In Film and Television (a 40+ year group based in NYC) and camera company Panavision NYC gave a grant towards gear. Director Angela is a very warm-hearted woman with a strict “no assholes” policy on set, and the shoot was a family affair, with the drone operator/colorist also playing a dead body. 16 minutes.

Lady Hunters will play at 12:11 AM and 3:11 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

The Palooka
Lauretta Prevost ’05, Cinematographer
The washed-up Palooka (Mad Men’s Bryan Batt) and rookie boxer (Zack Kron) swap stories of their boxing hero and share in the glory days that every man dreams of. Will either man get to live those dreams, or have those days already gone by? Based on a Tennessee Williams play set in, The Palooka has screened in over 17 festivals and received multiple awards. 15 minutes.

The Palooka will play at 12:26 AM and 3:26 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Lauretta Prevost ’05
Lauretta Prevost works as a cinematographer. She focuses on both narrative work (features, shorts, pilots, and series) with an emphasis on films with a sense of style, and on documentary work (features, shorts, and a touch of video journalism) with an emphasis on social justice, because of course. Her moving images have appeared at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as on DemocracyNow!, The Real News Network, and Al Jazeera. Lauretta dapples in freelance writing for outlets such as Al Jazeera, American Cinematographer, www.NoFilmSchool.com, Filmmaker Magazine, and ICG: International Cinematographers Guild Magazine. Lauretta graduated from W&M in 2005. While at W&M she managed the student-run Meridian coffeehouse, and danced to 80s music at the punk/gay frat whenever possible. She appreciates puns and dragons.

Wichita, USA
Matthew Wilder ’10, Director/Producer
Shot over the summer of 2017, Wichita, USA is an unfiltered snapshot of an All-American city in an uneasy time. 46 minutes.

Wichita, USA will play at 12:41 AM and 3:41 PM on February 17 in the Kimball Theatre Screening Room.

About Matthew Wilder ’10
Matthew Wilder graduated from W&M in the year 2010. He plunged head-first into the film industry in Kenya, fanned a fledgling film industry in Somalia, was later chewed-up and spit-out by the film industry in Egypt and after his rebirth in the film industry of Kansas has now reemerged as a stable human in the film industry of Louisiana. He makes films for all people. His phone number is (316) 882-9150 and he can be reached at most times, day or night.