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Films: Tucker Theater

Enjoy free admission to all Tucker Theater programs as presented by the Triangle Arts & Culture League.
No tickets are required for any of these screenings, and seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Friday, February 1

We Are Not Done Yet

Friday, February 1, 3:30 PM
2018, USA, 40 min, TV-14, English
With filmmakers Amelia Bane ‘12, Ted Hogeman ‘09, and Christopher Mariles ‘12

We Are Not Done Yet is a creative journey of ten U.S. veterans of varied backgrounds who come together in hopes of battling their traumatic military pasts through the art of written word. Grappling with PTSD, the “warrior poets” share fears, vulnerabilities, and victories that, eventually culminate into a live performance of a collaborative poem under the direction of actor Jeffrey Wright. In the process of creating their poetry and rehearsing for the performance, these men and women build a new-found tribe in one another, allowing them to share the too often hidden truths about their intimacy with war, death, and trauma.

About Amelia Bane ‘12
Amelia Bane is a comedy writer, performer, and teaching artist living in Brooklyn. She regularly performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the Peoples Improv Theatre. Amelia serves on the board of Community Building Art Works, a charitable organization that provides arts programs and events for veterans to express themselves and connect with their communities.

About Ted Hogeman ‘09
Ted Hogeman, is a freelance production sound mixer based near Washington DC. He’s worked on variety of documentaries, corporate videos, a smidge of reality television, and the occasional narrative sort and feature film. He got his start in media production at William and Mary’s Charles Reeder Media Center, and is a frequent contributor and team leader to various 24 hour and 48 hour film projects.

About Christopher Mariles ‘12
Chris Mariles ’12 is a camera and lighting professional living in Frederick, MD. He has worked on productions that have premiered on HBO, Netflix, Discovery, National Geographic, and PBS. He specializes in capturing documentary and commercial content through practical means, placing an emphasis on effectively communicating story to viewers.

!Women, Art, Revolution

Friday, February 1, 5:30 PM
2010, USA, 83 min, Not Rated, English
Presented by 100 Years of Women and the Muscarelle Museum of Art

An entertaining and revelatory “secret history” of Feminist Art, !Women Art Revolution deftly illuminates this under-explored movement through conversations, observations, archival footage and works of visionary artists, historians, curators and critics. Starting from its roots in 1960s antiwar and civil rights protests, the film details major developments in women’s art through the 1970s and explores how the tenacity and courage of these pioneering artists resulted in what is now widely regarded as the most significant art movement of the late 20th century.

Saturday, February 2

They Live in Guinea

Saturday, February 2, 11:00 AM
1996, USA, 51 min, Not Rated, English
Produced by Professor Sharon Zuber

They Live in Guinea tells the story of a hard-working, self-sufficient, fiercely independent community of fishermen and women working the waters of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. Guinea Neck, a once isolated village, must now grapple with conservationists, government regulators, and the sports fishing industry in order to preserve its way of life. The documentary not only captures the colorful, dynamic character of the Guinea “watermen” and the rhythms of their work and speech, but also traces the complex changes thrust upon their traditional ways by a fast-food society that threatens their ability to live off the water.

W&M Documentary Shorts

Saturday, February 2, 12:30 PM

Period. End of Sentence.
2018, USA, 25 min, Not Rated, Hindi with English Subtitles
Presented by the W&M Global Research Institute
Nominee for Best Documentary Short Subject in the 91st Annual Academy Awards

Period. End of Sentence. Is the story of a quiet, profound revolution taking place for girls and women just outside of Delhi, India. In an effort to improve feminine hygiene, a machine that creates low-cost biodegradable sanitary pads is installed in a rural village in Northern India. Using the machine, a group of local women is employed to produce and sell pads, offering them newfound independence and helping to de-stigmatize menstruation for all.

The Conqueror
2018, USA, 12 min, Not Rated, English
With Executive Producer Bradford Downs ‘13

Maintenance worker by day, pro-boxer by night, Jerome Conquest lives in the city of ‘Rocky’ and comes from one of Philadelphia’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Strawberry Mansion. When Conquest loses his best friend, Calvin, to street violence, he turns to boxing as a way to improve his life, which begins a story of redemption, not only for him but for his struggling community.

About Bradford Downs ’13
Bradford Downs was born and raised in Southeast Virginia, growing up with a passion for travel, music, and movies. Since completing his undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary he has worked as a professional tour guide, musician, and independent film producer as he continually hones his passion and craft of storytelling and inspiring audiences. He is currently back at William and Mary in his final year of the full-time MBA program while he continues his work on ‘The Conqueror’ and developing other projects.

The Great Northern Turtle
2018, USA, 18 min, Not Rated, English
Directed by Zach Keifer ‘07 and Gabriel DeLoach

Meet the Wood Turtle – an incredibly intelligent and sharply dressed reptile.  It is a turtle that most people have never heard of, but its value and position in the wilds of America make it an essential part of our world.

About Zach Keifer ’07
Zach Keifer co-owns the full service production company, Folk Hero Films. He is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Finding Cajun

Saturday, February 2, 2:30 PM
2018, USA, 51 min, Not Rated, French and English with English Subtitles
Directed, Produced, and Narrated by Professor Nathan Rabalais

Finding Cajun presents a critical and historically informed perspective on the origin and evolution of Cajun identity and the complex issues being debated today. We see how Cajuns compare to the present-day Acadians in maritime Canada, a community that is supposedly at the historical root of Cajun ethnicity. The film examines how cultural and racial labels in Louisiana have shifted, especially over the past 70 years, and considers the stakes of maintaining (or losing) heritage languages in the United States. Through interviews with leading experts filmed on site in Louisiana, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, viewers will discover the diversity and complexity of South Louisiana’s French- and Creole-speaking communities and see how Americanization, racism, and language shift have reshaped the cultural landscape of Louisiana.

Young and Innocent

Saturday, February 2, 4:30 PM
With Writer/Director Jesse Robinson ‘05
2018, USA, 83 min, Not Rated, English

“Like a garage band covering a string quartet, freshman director Jesse Mays Robinson rebuilds Psycho from a looser, warmer material. Young and Innocent throws a haze across Hitchcock’s spartan menace, replacing autumnal chill with summer swelter, and adult frailty with the languageless longings of adolescence.” – New Orleans Film Society.

About Jesse Robinson ‘05
Jesse Mays Robinson is a graduate of The College of William & Mary. He has worked as Assistant Editor on a number of independent features, including Grandma, All the Wilderness, and Bleeding Heart. Young and Innocent is his first feature as writer/director, shot in his hometown of northern Virginia.

24 Speed – Alumni Screening

Saturday, February 2, 9:00 PM

This shorts screening will feature premiere of the 2019 W&M alumni entries in the 15th Annual 24 Speed competition! Learn more about the 24 Speed contest and the screening of the current student films here.

Sunday, February 3

W&M Shorts

Sunday, February 3, 12:30 PM

in her name
2018, 18 min
With Writer/Director/Producer Ashley Orgain ‘21, Production Manager/Assistant Director/Producer/Editor Grace Holloway ‘21, Producer Callie Gardella ‘21, and Actress Alivia Long ‘14

A questionably sane woman, Cecile, who lost her little girl, Andrea, sixteen years ago, recounts her disappearance. Cecile must convince the skeptical detective questioning her that she has solved her daughter’s kidnapping and discovered the culprit.

Hope is the Thing with Feathers
2016, 7 min
Directed and Edited by Professor Tanya Stadelmann

A young alien explores Planet Earth and discovers an albino peacock. Experimental music video collaboration with musician Inge Thomson from Fair Isle, Scotland. Developed at workshops: ‘Understanding Long Term Environmental Conflicts’ and funded by the Kone Foundation in Finland.

Always Creating: A Filmmaker’s Perspective
Written and Directed by Sydney MaHan ‘16
2018, 5 min

An inside look at American University film student Robert Boyd’s (W&M ’16) filmmaking process.

2018, 3 min
With Director/Editor Ted Hogeman ‘09

A woman seeks shelter from a mysterious enemy.

2018, 12 min
With Writer/Director Ryan Vaughan ‘14

Inspired by true events in the 1980s, two Virginia detectives discover an unsettling truth while investigating a crime scene.